Best Ways To Make Money From Shortcut Links 2018

Profit from shortcut links via YouTube

YouTube is one of the easiest and best ways to earn money from an abbreviation. All you have to do is follow these simple steps
First, you have to create a channel on YouTube interested in the game BALL POOL 8, it is very easy just search on YouTube on how to create a channel on YouTube, then you create a video does not exceed 60 seconds every day or two to get links Queens for free game BALL POOL 8 And you upload it on YouTube then short links Quinz in the site and you put in the description of the video and to get these links there are several channels on YouTube published on a daily basis, after the completion of these steps you publish the video on YouTube and to increase your profits you publish your video On Facebook groups interested in the game BALL POOL 8

Method 2

Create a channel on YouTube interested in downloading paid applications free of charge or applications of these ways that may reach up to more than $ 100 per month

Method 3

Make the most of the calculations on the most important and famous forums and share them with the development of the links needed by people and of course after the shortcut
For example, you can subscribe to the forums of the Downwood for movies and songs to publish the topics needed by people with the shortcut link Loonwood before publishing


Method 4

Make comments on the most popular blogging topics on a topic people want to get the most people who see your comment
Which will contain a link useful for people and a shortcut to win you through it

Method 5

Make a page on Facebook or pages that relate to people's interests as a comic, social, sports or even news page
Think of anything people want more and create pages with the best content possible through the Internet after links are shortened
For example, you can create a sports page for sports fans with the most important local and international sports news, which you can easily reach through the best sites in the world
Publish the best videos on YouTube on your Twitter page and try to get the most followers

Published on: 12/25/18, 6:06 PM