E-currencies, what they are and how they are bought or traded

What are crypto-currencies?

Crypto-currencies or e-currencies are virtual currencies that are traded through the Internet, perhaps the most famous is Bitcoin. And became famous because of the 4 advantages of speed conversion and low cost and maintain privacy and it is decentralized.

Crypto-currencies have captured the thought of some, have raised the fear and panic of some, have caused concern for some, but important that everyone agrees that digital currencies technological revolution will change the form of funds in this world, will affect the world's largest and most important financial institutions and their mode of operation.

The best and best crypto-currencies  ..... Bitcoin

In 2009, our first encrypted electronic currency appeared at the hands of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is the most popular currency in the world of electronic currencies, which is recommended by all investors to trade against other currencies, and is the highest in terms of market value.

In 2011, Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer, invented a coin to form LTC, which appeared as an alternative to Bitcoin, but could not move the Bitcoin from its place and no other currency could do this, even though it is very close to Betcquin.

In 2013, one of the most popular  crypto-currencies, Ripple, ranked third in the world of cryptocurrencies in terms of liquidity, the currency of the ripple differs from the currency of the Bitcoin. The second wants to replace the traditional banking system, the first does not want to cancel it But wants to support it!

To understand the Ripple's currency in a simple way, David Schwartz, chief analyst for Digital RIB, explained:

"Today's payment systems are what e-mail was in the early 1980s, and every provider built his own system for his customers, because if people use different systems they can easily interact with each other, With each other. "

In January 2014, Ivan Doffeld produced a dash, a digital currency that is a more secret version of the composition. In April 2014, the digital currency was produced by its team. In the same year, the Chinese government launched the digital currency Strengthening the Chinese economy.

In 2015, Russian programmer Vitalik Putrein invented the second and best digital currency ever, the ethheum coin, the ethrium a virtual or digital currency and a decentralized platform at the same time! , The ethrium as a digital currency is the concept of its status and its essence, while as a decentralized platform it is extremely important and dangerous!

Ethrium threatens the function of government, as it allows the creation of intelligent contracts in a way that simulates conventional contracts, ensures that all clauses of the contract are met and ensures that none of the terms of the contract is violated, which is precisely the role of power in real life.

This was a detailed list of the most popular digital currencies around the world, so check them out quickly:

Bitquin, the world's most virtual currency, has a market size of approximately $ 233 billion.

2 - Ethrium, the world's second most popular digital and virtual currency, with an estimated volume of about 46 billion US dollars.

3 - RIBLE, the third most important electronic currency in the world, the size of the RIBLE market is approximately 11 billion USD.

Then come the rest of the digital currency

Published on: 12/24/18, 9:42 AM